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Get to Know the 2020-2021 Elective Board!

As we’re gearing up for audition season, we wanted to introduce you to some of the Hunks 2020-2021 elective board. Look forward to us updating this thread regularly with new Hunky faces…all leading up to some news on Fall auditions!

Name: Justin Jones

Year in School: Junior
Major: Marketing
Year in Group: 3rd

Fun Fact:  “I can sound like Perry the Platypus”

Least Favorite Vegetable: Brussel sprouts…they don’t taste good at all. It doesn’t matter how you cook them or what you pair them with, they will still taste bad.

What celebrity do you think you could take in a fight: The Rock…those muscles are just for show. I just know it.

Ask A Hunk Compilation

This is a compilation of the NIU Huskie Hunks “Ask A Hunk” segment that ran from April 22nd through April 30th. Check out the boys’ answers to your burning questions! 

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NIU Huskie Hunks Greatest Hits

***The NIU Huskie Hunks are recording an album!!!***
Celebrating our 10th anniversary next year, we wanted to solidify some of our greatest hits in a full-length album for all to hear. One that will go down in Hunkstory!
An album is a project that requires lots of time, effort, and of course…funds. Our greatest support is from all of you, our fans, friends, and family.
If you’d like to support us in our efforts to record this album, check out our GoFundMe page.
All proceeds gained will be used in preparation for recording. Any and all assistance is appreciated.
Thank you for your support!