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Welcome to the homepage of the NIU Huskie Hunks, home of – you guessed it – the NIU Huskie Hunks!  Feel free to peruse the site for information about the group, current and former members, upcoming events, and of course, how to get in contact with us!

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What's New?


Uh-oh! Some of the Hunks are acting kinda sus and we gotta figure out who they are.

Come and join us on January 17th at 7pm on our Twitch channel and watch us play the gaming sensation that swept the nation, Among Us.

We hope to see all of you come watch us call each other out and occasionally make some poor judgment calls about who is stopping our space exploration.

Oh, so you're approaching our website?

We’ve missed you dearly, but now we’re back and working on a lot of important projects that you guys are going to love!

Stay tuned for these awesome announcements via our social media, and stay safe!

If you’re in dire need of some hunky goodness, the entirety of our A Cappella Spectacle Concert from last Spring is featured right here on our YouTube channel: